Spiritual Medium David Vickers

Spiritual Medium David Vickers:

Spirtual Medium David Vickers LoughboroughDavid was born in Kegworth, Derbyshire and his early childhood was very much the same as any other. Although, as a young child a question that often brought confusion to him was “What was the point of living just to die” there had to be more to life. What happens when we die?

At the age of 11, he began experiencing strange occurrences within the family home. He became aware of people around him that others could not see, he would hear voices coming from empty rooms and for some unknown reason know he was not alone even when the house was empty. His nights were often spent hiding under the covers for fear of coming face to face with the gentleman, who he felt stood at the side of his bed, yet when he did look know one was there. Who was or what was this thing that scared him so much?

Half expecting to be laughed at, he summed the courage and asked his mother about the strange feelings within their house. His mother didn’t laugh at him, she just told him not to worry for it was only “Grandad” checking up on us. Hang on he thought Grandad had been dead for years, then it clicked the light was switched on. When we die we don’t just die, we become ghosts/spirits and can come back to see those we loved and still love. Although his mother’s explanations were very vague, he accepted them and things seem to settle down.

Life was normal over the next few years, the visitations were frequent and accepted by David, and many different “ghosts/spirits” visited him. At the age of 18 he decided to attend the local Spiritualist church to see what occurred and try to find out more about these “ghosts/spirits”.

As he sat watching the Medium he realised that he too was aware of the spirits that were talking, and he wanted to know more. Following the service a lady, who introduced herself as Margaret, came over for chat. It was as though they had known each other for years and this was the beginning of David’s journey to developing and becoming more aware of spirit.

Over the years that followed, opportunities to develop and demonstrate his mediumistic ability grew. The right people came along at the right times, for which he will always be eternally grateful of.

David has now been working with spirit for over 30 years and does not look at it as a gift but a privilege to work with and for spirit.

In 2004 David along with his wife Helen, opened there own Holistic and Spiritual Awareness centre in Loughborough, Leicestershire. ‘TSL Holistic Centre’, TSL standing for The Spiritual Link, offers courses and workshops on mediumship development and other spiritually related subjects as well as many holistic training courses.David believes that everybody can, if they want to, communicate with the spirit world and become open to spiritual awareness.

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