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Reiki Symbols….

Healing with Reiki is a natural process, open and available to all that require it. This natural life force energy is administered in many ways and the use of sacred symbols is believed to enhance the healing power/energy. But are these Reiki symbols really necessary?

Are the sacred Reiki symbols just a tool used to implement the Intent and Belief that healing will take place? Intent and belief in any natural healing system is alone a powerful tool, regardless of additional equipment. Whether the additional equipment is, in this case, sacred symbols.

Lets look at Intent and belief within Reiki healing.

Belief; with Reiki the belief by the practitioner/healer is in the use of secret symbols, generally speaking, that are said to enhance and intensify the flow of energy. With the client, the belief is that healing will take place and help. Putting the client to one side for a moment lets look at the practitioner/healer. Their belief is in the symbols, but will healing work/take place without any reference to these Reiki symbols?

Well, the answer is “Yes”. In several experiments at the TSL Holistic Centre, I carried out Reiki healing sessions without refereeing to or thinking about any of the Reiki symbols. I must point out that the actual clients were not aware of the experiments, as we had to maintain and respect their personal beliefs in the Reiki healing.

Clients were booked in the normal manner for a 30-minute Reiki healing session. After the client was settled the session proceeded. Remember although I was not going to use the reiki healing symbols in any way I still had the Intent and Belief that healing would take place and that there would be an energy transference. For the experiment I was going to substitute the healing symbols with “Pot Noodle” flavours. Yes, you read right, for the healing session I was going to think about pot noodles…

Throughout the healing session I thought and concentrated on Pot Noodles. For each different flavour I thought about and imagined and believed that the healing energy was flowing freely. The client was totally relaxed and believed that they were receiving Reiki healing in the normal way, i.e. through the use of symbols.

After the session had finished all clients that were involved in these experiments remarked how they felt different to how they normally did. Ask in what way, they are commented that they felt more relaxed and more energised. They thanked me for the healing session and left. We chose not to tell them about the pot noodle experiment so not to alter their personal beliefs in Reiki.

A question that was asked by other therapists at the TSL Holistic Centre, was “Was the thoughts of pot noodles really that powerful” Well I’m afraid not, for it was not some hidden power of pot noodles that helped, but the Intent and Belief that healing would take place, Intent and belief from both the client and myself.

One of the clients telephoned the following day; following her session, and commented that she had had the best nights sleep in months and again thanked me for the Reiki healing. In a light and humorous way I asked them if they thought healing with pot noodles in mind, might work? There answer “Don’t be silly, how could that be possible”. To this day the client does not know about the pot noodle experiment.

So with Reiki Healing Do We Need The Symbols Or Just The Intent & Belief?

You decide….. Reiki Master Healer & Teacher Dave Vickers

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