Microcurrent Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT) Q & A’s

Non surgical faceliftMicrocurrent Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT) Q & A’s

Q: Microcurrent Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT)

A: Microcurrent Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT) is an effective, non-surgical face lift procedure, which uses a safe micro-current with electrical energy to stimulate and strengthen the muscle tissue under the skin. This is a procedure that has NO DOWNTIME and results are immediate. Microcurrent Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT) is painless and can be relaxing

Q: When will I see results?

A: Following the first session most clients see a noticeable difference, however every client is different. Further changes will be more effective and noticeable as your facial “memory” is achieved and sustained at about 8-10 sessions. We have to remember we are helping to “re-educate” the muscle tissue, so it is crucial that you receive a “series” of treatments for results to reach their maximum potential. Aging is an unstoppable occurrence; therefore maintenance sessions are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Q: How many sessions are recommended for the full treatment and how often?

A: Most clients need 10-12 treatments to achieve what they call a full “facelift” makeover. We do find that clients with greater aging effects such as deep creases, or distinguished “crow’s feet” at the brow, may need up to 15 sessions. We recommend two session per week for the first 5 five the one session per week until treatment is complete. After your course of treatments, your look can be maintained by receiving booster treatments every 4-6 weeks.

Q: How long do the treatment sessions last?

A: Allow about an hour for your appointment. Booster treatments are generally only 40-50 minutes.

Q. How long should I expect the results to last?

A: You anti aging investment is preserved as long as you are receiving booster treatments every 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment span. If you stop booster treatments, you risk losing the muscle memory after about 6 months and will have to start a new treatment span again to regain the original youthful look.

Q: What would stop me having the procedure?

A: The main contra indications are below, however your professional therapist will carefully go through a thorough consultation on your first visit to ensure this procedure is right for you.  

If you are pregnant,

Have had heart surgery in the past year

Have a pacemaker or have epilepsy

Microcurrent Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT)

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