Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage – Thai Foot Massage is a truly tension reliving massage. It involves hands on manipulation/ rotations, stretching and massage of the hips, knees, lower legs and feet, along with the stimulation of the reflex points on the feet. Thai Foot Massage stimulates the internal organs, giving the receiver a holistic treatment.

Due to the nature of this treatment please wear loose clothes e.g. jogging bottoms.

40 minutes…………..£30.00

Why not include a hand massage for only £5.00 extra……..

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Thai Foot Massage is a small but important part of traditional Thai massage. It is thought to originate around 2000 years ago although exact dates are a little obscure. This type of massage is one of many forms of oriental bodywork and as such has elements of Shiatsu, Chinese Massage, Reflexology and yoga incorporated into the massage itself. In Thailand Thai massage is still being practiced and taught by Buddhist monks in their temples today. As Buddhism has spread through Asia so too has this form of massage as it is believed that it can enable both the receiver and practitioner to reach a deeper spiritual enlightenment. Originally this method of massage was not recorded so the knowledge was passed down through the generations from teacher to student or parent to child.

Thai Foot Massage is a treatment of the hands, legs and feet that involves physically stretching and massaging to “open” Sen (energy) Lines, along with stimulation of the reflex points on the feet and hands which correspond to the internal organs of the body to promote general health and well-being.

Benefits of Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage has many benefits here are the most common:

• Boosts the circulation in the extremities (hands, feet & legs).

• Promotes drainage of the lymphatic system.

• Aids the removal of toxins.

• Increases the oxygen supply to the hands, feet and legs.

• Promotes mobility by reducing stiffness and improving flexibility.

• Aids the immune system, thus preventing disease by strengthening & detoxifying.

• Speeds up physical healing.

• Helps combat stress.

• May help reduce insomnia.

• Reduces mental fatigue.

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