Sports Massage

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage & Remedial Massage:

Sports massage is a natural therapy that was developed and used to help athletes prepare their bodies before an event and to help recover after an event, in addition to maintain good movement during training.

Sports massage is a type of “Deep Tissue Massage” that stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph fluids. In order to help increase range of movement, break down knots with in the muscles trigger points (trigger point therapy) may be used. Your sports will be a “bespoke” treatment for each client, thus help each client gain the full benefits.

This specialised massage technique concentrates on the prevention and healing of injuries & is generally applied at a deep level to manipulate muscle tissue more effectively.

All sports massage is classed as a specialised massage you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit, as it is good for people with chronic pain and or restricted range of motion. The massage techniques used during the massage does bring about a natural relaxation; some techniques (not all) may feel uncomfortable at times.

1 Hour Bespoke  Massage….. £45.00

30 Minutes Bespoke  Massage…..£35.00

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Benefits of Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Therapy

Helps prevent injury   —     Speeds up the body’s recovery from injury

Relieves stress, aches and pains  —   Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids

Assisted stretching of muscle tissue helps with the breaking down scar tissue 

Assists in enhancing performance  — Helps to correct postural imbalances

Physiological effects such as reducing pain & relaxing muscles  

Psychological affects helping reducing anxiety levels

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