Deep Tissue Massage

The principles behind deep tissue massage are deep and slow movements.

Done correctly deep tissue massage may be uncomfortable to receive but will release a lot of old tensions and restrictions. After having a deep tissue massage you should not be covered in bruises (as is often reported) however you may feel tender for a day or so but you should then feel much freer in their movement.

Deep tissue massage, as well as releasing deep seated restrictions within the tissues, can also help to oxygenate areas of the body; can allow the body to relax into a more correct structural alignment, and can even help to free trapped nerves.

As the physical tension is released it is possible for it to trigger an emotional release also, remember there is a direct link between our emotions and mental stresses and the physical way our bodies respond to that. 

Deep Tissue massage: A deep, more remedial massage designed to release tight knotted muscles. An ideal massage for runners etc.

30 minutes………………..£35.00

60 minutes……………….£45.00

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
Stimulates Blood circulation thus increasing oxygen & nutrients into the cells & tissues
Stimulates lymphatic circulation thus removes toxins, lactic acid and carbon dioxide
Stimulates nerve endings that control pain and muscular tension
Speeds up the healing process
Increase range of motion in the joints
Stretches specific tissues
Reduces stress on other muscles groups that compensate following injury
Breaks down or reduces adhesion’s between unhealthy muscle fibres
Increases tissue pliability and permeability by loosening subcutaneous tissues & muscle fascia
Preventative care

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