Marine Abdominal Massage

Marine Miracle Abdominal Massage Treatment. Colonic Massage. This abdominal massage treatment  combines the use of a cryogenic algimud modelling mask to help tone & firm the skin. The Specialised abdominal massage can bring relief to congestion, cramps and bloating.

The Colonic massage element of this treatment facilitates relief to constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The abdominal massage techniques used stimulate & aid the internal natural movements of the colon/ intestines thus promoting natural & regular bowel movements bringing relief to that sluggish feeling.

60 minute session………..£45.00

Colonic Massage Benefits:

  • Helps bring relief to cramps & bloating
  • Cuts down on number of bowel movements if you feel you’re going to often and have loose stools
  • Works like peristalsis to help move stools, if you’re feeling constipated
  • Quickly clears trapped wind.
  • Helps ease the passing of hard and stubborn stools