What is Hypnotherapy? What is Hypnotherapy? – Hypnotherapy is a form of healing that is carried out through inducing an altered state of awareness. Whilst in the controlled altered state, known as hypnosis, specific suggestions that are based on the desired result of the client are spoken out a loud by the Hypnotherapist.

The benefits of hypnotherapy have become fully recognised by those who search for a positive improvement of themselves and of their lives. With the help of hypnotherapy you can take control of your life and make those positive changes to those areas of your life that cause you anxiety or stress.

IVF Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and IVF

I feel proud and honoured when clients come to me for Hypnosis relating to their IVF treatments, as I believe in the “power of the mind” and remaining positive in all situations.

For many couple undertaking IVF, whether for the first time or following other treatments, most find the whole process not only costly but also very stressful. Quite often couples believe their future is solely dependent on the success of the IVF, and are often unaware, or choose to block out the possibility of negative psychological consequences their lives.

These consequences come in many guises such as;

Personal Stress – Feelings of Failure – Health and Well being Issues – Relationship Stress

Even on the first treatments, if the IVF cycle is not a success, couples, and individuals can be left feeling lost, depressed and much stressed. Research has shown that undertaking hypnotherapy before and during IVF treatments can greatly reduce negative feelings and thoughts. Regular Hypnotherapy sessions help relieve stress and help put in places coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety. It also helps enhance the connection between the mind and the body, creating an increased chance of the IVF being a success, putting you back in control.

I use a trusted personally written tried and tested session format, with great outcomes, to help people going through IVF.

On the first session I will teach you how to achieve a beautiful deep state of relaxation through hypnosis helping them to reduce their levels of stress.

On the next session I help prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for IVF this session is aimed at positive lifestyle changes, changing those limiting beliefs of failure.

The third session is all about enhancing that beautiful relationship with your body, knowing that you are ready and willing to accept that new life into your womb, and you will embrace the opportunity at helping that new creation to have the best chance from the start.

The number of sessions is dependent on the individual, if you feel you need more or less I will respect you decision 100%, after all it is your life and you are a strong willed person that has the ability to succeed in all areas of your life…

Hypnotherapy sessions are £55.00 per session, I do not put an actual time limit on the length of the session, but normally advise client to allow up to 1 ½ hours for their visit.

On Line Booking

If you would like to book your sessions of Hypnotherapy or have any questions please feel free to call 01509 239600 or email me direct on [email protected]

David Vickers

Hypnotherapist Loughborough