Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments aim to treat an individual as a “whole” to bring about balance and wellbeing. 

The Definition of Holistic is  A theory stating the fundamental feature of nature is the existence of “Wholeness” not just several parts put together.”

All complementary therapies are “holistic” in the approach they take to facilitate wellbeing. This means that they are looking to treat the WHOLE person and not just a symptom. Any imbalance or interruption to the spiritual, mental or physical aspects of a person’s life can have a contributing factor to ill health and dis-ease, so all of these aspects are considered when we provide any treatment. When any therapy is applied with the basis of Holistic practice it will help to stimulate the body’s own processes enabling it to rebalance and thus promote self-healing.

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Ear Candle Treatment

This is a gentle way to treat the ears and sinuses, utilising Biosun Ear Candles each ear is treated to stimulate the natural expulsion of excessive ear wax, lift out any debris, boost the microcirculation and promote the drainage of the paranasal sinuses. Once the candling process has been completed you will then receive a specialised drainage massage to encourage the elimination of excess fluids and sinus drainage.


Full Body 30mins (£30.00)

Energy Healing

This is similar to Reiki but focuses more on the Chakra energy system, sound, crystals and/or colour may be used to customise and enhance the healing taking place. As with reiki this too is carried out with minimal physical contact.


40mins (£30.00)


Hypnotherapy can be used for a huge variety of issues such as stopping smoking, anxiety, weight loss, phobias, thoughts and actions you would like to banish or even acquire or to help with emotional challenges. Before any session a thorough consultation is carried out and a plan most suitable for you is designed.


1 Session (£55.00) - Weight Loss 4 Week Programme (£200.00)

Physic/Spiritual Readings

These readings can consist of clairvoyance, tarot/oracle cards and/or aura drawing. A reading can offer guidance on situations around you helping you to understand life’s challenges or provide comfort when suffering a loss.


30mins (£30.00)

45mins (£40.00)

Regression Therapy

This treatment focuses on helping you to resolve past life events or experiences that could be inhibiting you or impacting your emotional wellbeing now.


60mins (£45.00)

Holistic Treatments

Reiki Healing

This is an energy-based treatment where universal energy is channelled and amplified by the therapist to boost your own energetic bodies thus bringing about spiritual, emotional and physical balance. It is a relaxing therapy that is carried out with minimal physical contact.


40mins (£30.00)

Spiritual Guidance

This is a very personalised session that uses relaxation techniques, guided meditations and open conversation to assist you in developing coping strategies and finding peace of mind.


40mins (£40.00)

*Please note all readings/guidance are deemed as for “entertainment purposes only”. All of our readings are aimed at being helpful to our clients, please treat them as such. How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision.

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