Person Centred Counselling

Person Centred Counselling: BACP

Counselling service in LoughboroughPerson Centred Counselling Services at the TSL: Caroline Simm BACP.

What is counselling? Counselling provides a space where you can talk about your concerns, anxieties and emotional difficulties.   You will be supported through listening and helping you explore your thoughts and feelings freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with family or friends. You will neither be judged nor advised, but will be helped to make sense of your feelings. Through examining situations and relationships which are proving troublesome, clearer understanding of the source of difficulty may be found. From this you may come to understand more about yourself, feel less confused, consider any necessary changes or perhaps come to terms with things that cannot be changed.

How Can Counselling Help?   A counselling relationship provides a private and confidential time where you may begin to explore some of these feeling:

Tension in realationships  –  The illness or death of someone close to you

Your own illness or disability  –  Coping with differences and changes life may bring

Struggling with thoughts and feelings about the past, present and future

There are many other issues that may benefit counselling.

For further information or to make an appointment please feel free to contact Caroline on 07815 293513 or call the TSL on 01509 239600. Sessions are normally held on Tuesday Evenings.

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