Demonstration Of Mediumship

Spirtual Medium David Vickers Loughborough

Demonstration Of Mediumship With

International Medium Dave Vickers

David has carried out demonstrations of mediumship in the UK, USA and Canary Islands. he will be returning the USA in August 2015…..

Demonstrations Of Mediumship with International Spiritual Medium Dave Vickers. 

David has been working with spirit for over 30 years both in the capacity of a working medium and teacher. Join Dave on an enlightening Evening With Spirit, a Demonstration Of Mediumship. 

Whether you are looking to connect with a loved one who has passed or looking for guidance from spirit, an evening with spirit offers an exciting and entertaining evening of communication through a demonstration of mediumship.

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As well as Demonstrations of Mediumship  we run several different Events & Workshops, such as Past Life regression, Psychic Development,   Crystal Healing, Working with Angels as well as special events, Clairvoyant evenings for example.

Most of the workshops are on a 1 day basis, with the special events normally taking place in the evening. The number of attendance is always limited thus allowing all participants to get the most from the event. If you’d like us to put a certain workshop or event on then let us know and we’ll try our best to sort it, no promises though.

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