Energy Healing/Reiki/Regression/Hypnotherapy

Energy Healing – Holistic Treatments Continued…

Reiki Healing – A Reiki treatment offers you a truly wonderful way to relax. The channelling of this natural healing energy helps you in many ways and always in the way that is right for you. Escape for a while in total relaxation and release from everyday stresses and challenges.       

40 Minutes…………£30.00

Regression Therapy – This treatment focuses on helping to resolve past life events that may be interfering with a persons well being.  It can also include Past Life Regression – Are you curious about past lives or looking for the answer to current day issues? Or maybe you have experienced Deja Vu and are looking for possible answers.
 Session approximately 60 minutes…………..£45.00

Chakra Balancing / Energy Therapy – Through the use of Colour and Crystals your therapist will channel the healing elements of the universe into you aura and chakra centres. The energy will be used to bring about balance within your mind, body and spirit thus realigning all the chakra centres. This is a truly relaxing treatment that helps one become at peace with life’s challenges and helps release the negative blockages from within.  40 minutes…….£30.00

Hypnotherapy is a form of healing that is carried out through inducing an altered state of awareness. Whilst in the controlled altered state, known as hypnosis, specific suggestions that are based on the desired result of the client are spoken out a loud by the Hypnotherapist. 

Hypnotherapy Session approximately 60 minutes…………………£55.00

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