Electrical Facial

Electrical Facial

Here at RE:You we offer a good range of electrical facials, helping to reduce those “time lines” of ageing”

Non surgical faceliftMicrocurrent Electrical Facial 

The Face lift without Surgery, Pain, Redness or Downtime!!

Microcurrent Electrical Facial (non-surgical face lift) procedures are becoming the hottest beauty procedures in the UK. Over the water, Hollywood celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and many more publicly admit to being fans of electrical facials technology.

Galvanic Anti Ageing FacialAs we age, our body loses natural electrical energy, like a battery, gradually losing its charge; this depletion of energy, on a cellular level, contributes to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin. The results of this breakdown are; sagging skin, deep lines, uneven texture and wrinkles.

As well as the reduction in this natural energy the facial muscles become increasingly contracted over years, because of our changing facial expressions as well as good old gravity. As we age the muscles weaken and the results can be pronounced laughter lines, crow’s feet, drooped eyelids and sagging jowls, thus making you appear older than you actually are. Electrical Facial treatments can and do help improve the signs of ageing…

Here at RE:You our Beauty specialists offer 4 Electrical facial Treatments:

Microcurrent Rejuvenation Therapy

Galvanic Spa Therapy



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