The Benefits Of Good Skin Care

The Benefits of Good Skin Care

Why is skin care important? This is a question we often get asked at RE:You

The skin is the largest organ in the body and its purpose is to act as a defence system against the environment so maintaining and looking after our skin is very beneficial on so many levels. Our skin not only protects the rest of our organs it also helps us stay hydrated and with the face in particular, looking beautiful. We all hate those pimples, spots, fine lines, wrinkles and the list goes on so let’s look at how we can keep our skin looking its best.

What works for you?

It’s important to know what skincare products and/or treatments work for you and your skin. There are a few things to take into account; skin type (oily, normal, dry or combination), the maturity of the skin, whether the skin is sensitive, or other skin complications such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. Here at our beauty salon in Sileby, RE:You, before we start your facial treatment our professional therapist will discuss your current skin care routine and check what type of skin you have, they will also check to see how hydrated your facial skin is. Following the consultation your facial treatment will be carried out, we use 100% Vegan friendly products, our range of skin care products from the SpaFind range.

Now let’s look at a few products that you should be using to maintain healthy skin care:

Cleanser – Facial Wash – Moisturiser – Serums -Toner – Eye creams and Professional treatments (facials).

Remember it is advised that you consult a professional skin care therapist to establish the correct type of skin you have as this will dictate what type or brand of products you need.

Let’s take a look at the different skin types:

Mature/ Dry skin – As the skin increases in age, yes it happens to us all, the loss of collagen causes a decrease of firmness and leads to those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and increased dryness of your skin. Here at Re:You we offer several facials that are perfect for the more mature, dry skin, we can also advise you on the best SpaFind products you could use to help benefit your skin. One of the key products is a good  moisturiser, moisturising the skin is key when trying to slow down or reverse signs of aging, another recommendation is the use of eye cream and a cold compress around the eye area this helps to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and swelling. Your therapist at RE:You in Sileby will be able to advise you what is best.

Oily skin – Blackheads, Acne and that Greasy look, who wants that, no one! When working with oily skin, you need to use a slightly more acidic moisturiser because that helps strip your skin of those excess oils, however you do have to make sure that the chemical ingredients aren’t too harsh and damage that natural barrier. That’s one of the reason at RE:You we use organic vegan friendly products, our SpaFind products really help combat oily skin conditions. Another good tip to help balance your Oily skin is to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week or treat yourself to an Express Elegance Facial at Re: You, which gives your face a deep cleanse, exfoliation and a great pick up.

Combination skin is a little bit harder to cater for because you need to find a neutral product that will strip your skin of excess oil but that will also hydrate the dry parts of your face, our SpaFind Radiant Double Mud Facial oxygenates and neutralises the skin, brings back the radiance and would be ideal for someone looking to find a fix for combination skin.

Sensitive/ problematic skin – If you have any allergies or sensitive skin conditions that could be triggered by certain ingredients, then our best advice is to do is to try and avoid them completely. You skin would benefit more from a gentle, unscented product so make sure you read the product labels. The SpaFind Balanced Beauty is the range we use a great product for use on sensitive skin.

Problematic skin – First thing is not to worry, where as you may struggle to find the right over the counter product we would always recommend you get a professional to look in depth at the condition of your skin and recommend something specific to help you. The Essential Elements Prescriptive Facial, again a SpaFind treatment is a great help for problematic skin and don’t forget before any facial treatment your professional therapist will carry out a free skin analysis for you.

Professional Facial Treatments

Why pay for a professional facial when you could do it at home? Facials carried out by a professional therapist are normally more in-depth than a home skin care routine. They can help clear clogged pores, hydrate dry skin, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and many facials involve facial massage techniques which help stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, both which promote healthy and better looking skin. Oh a good  facial massage also helps to relax the muscles in the face which can slow the onset of wrinkles on the face, a bit like an antiaging facial massage. Your relaxing treatment is also a great stress reliever thus reducing your anxiety levels and elevating your mood. But despite all the benefits of a professional facial treatment you must also maintain good skin at home, a combination of both will help you stay radiant all the time.

Why not try out one of our many professional facial treatments, or if you have any further questions regarding skin care drop us a line and one of our professional therapist will get in touch with you.

The condition of your skin can always be improved upon, and as well as helping your physical appearance, maintaining a good skin regime, will boost your self-confidence. Other benefits of having a skincare routine include: quick results, tightening away wrinkles, evening out your skin tone, it also helps you establish other healthy routines.

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