Spa Pedicures


It’s time to “Treat Your Feet” with the many foot treatment available you’ll be spoilt for choice. Choose from Pedicures to paints, pampers to peels.

Nail Tidy, File and Paint – Look your best this time, next time and every time with a RE:You Nail Tidy, File & Paint. Enjoy a nail tidy up, file and paint in a colour of your choice.  30 to 40 minutes……………..£18.00


Spa Pedicure: A treatment for the feet & toe nails. Incorporating soaks, scrubs, nail work & massage then finished with a polish of your choosing.60 minutes….£32.00 – Normal Polish finish —— To include Gel Polish finish…..£37.00

For French or Custom finish +£5.00

Foot Massage – A totally refreshing treat for the feet, a truly relaxing foot massage, leaving them feeling soft and revitalised 

30 minutes……£25.00 

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