Foot Treatments

Our feet are one of the most neglected yet heavily abused areas of our body. Women with a love of heels can walk and stand for hours with all their weight being pushed onto the ball of the foot, sporty people will subject their feet to vigorous impact, then we have safety shoes or wellingtons that can cause the feet to get hot and sweaty, flip flops and ballet pumps that offer no foot support or even just ill-fitting shoes that are too big or too small. Next we can add in the inability to reach the feet for whatever the reason.

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File and Paint

This is a tidy up of the nail shape and finished with a standard polish of your choice or buffed to a natural shine.


30-40mins (£18.00)

Gel Polish

The power polish…high shine, chip resistant, no drying time and a huge range of colours to choose from.


Standard Finish (£25.00)

French or Custom Colour (£28.00)

Removal, if applied by us (£5.00)

Removal, if applied by another salon (£15.00)

We are thrilled to announce our pedicures have had an Upgrade!

Introducing Footlogix… Where MEDI meets PEDI.

This range is scientifically formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, developed specifically for professionals to deliver clinically proven results that transform the skin and nails of the feet. 

Strong yet gentle products that are safe for diabetics, the immuno compromised and during pregnancy.

Spa Pedicure

A treatment for the feet & nails. Incorporating hard skin treatment, soak, scrub, nail and cuticle work followed by a foot and lower leg massage, finished off with the polish of your choosing.


Normal Polish 60 mins (£32.00)

Upgrade to include Artistic Gel Polish finish (+£5.00)

French or Custom Colour (+£5.00)

Why not treat your hands to an extra moisturising and anti-ageing boost with our Collagen Glove Upgrade whilst you toes are being pampered? (+£10.00)

Foot Massage

A relaxing treat working on the feet and ankles to release tension and strain from our most neglected area.


25 mins (£25.00)

Do you want more?

Add any one or all of these Upgrades!

Mineral Rich Foot Soak 10mins (+£5.00)

Mineral Rich Foot Soak & Salt Scrub 15mins (+£10.00)

Hot Stones Massage Upgrade (+£7.00)

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