Inspirational verses

Inspirational Verses:

Here you find inspirational verses/quotes from students and other resources, many are written by Spiritual Medium David Vickers and inspired by spirit.

A Flower In a Weed Filled Garden

I stand here tall and blooming in full glory,

My colours bright and unyielding.

Am I alone, a solitary beauty between the weeds?

Or am I am amongst the best friends I could find?


Friends, friends that inspire, not just a weed but a survivor,

They battle against the odds, where others have fallen they stand strong,

They rely on themselves and mother nature to see them through,

Through the good times and the bad they go on, heads held high.


For you see, a weed is only a weed in the eyes of a perfectionist,

It is defined as a plant growing where it is not wanted,

But still, they produce flowers, colours and scents to be proud of,

They have a part in nature, they support the wildlife.


So… what if I’m not amongst the other dazzling displays of a single persons idea of perfection,

In this garden, here, I just am…..

I have beaten the odds like my fellow flowers and I stand tall,proud, blooming and in full glory,

My colours bright and unyielding……………………

Written By Helen Vickers inspired by spirit


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