IBX Nail Treatment

IBX Nail Treatment

IBX Nail Repair SystemIBX Nail Treatments

Are now available at The TSL..

This is an innovative two-part system that offers revolutionary benefits.

This first of a kind treatment works penetrative toughening system works on the inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail repair treatments.

The IBX solution fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate together with an inter-penetrating polymer network (IPN) and locks itself within the nail plate – this is a permanent addition that will never need removal. They say IBX is like a built-in insurance policy for your nails, toughening and protecting your natural nail.

It can be worn under Gel Polish as it creates a protective shield for the nail & this will reduce dehydration that can occur on some clients that use or have used Gel Polish on a long term basis.

The IBX Repair treatment is used to repair severe nail damage, such as peeling/de-lamination, splitting & weakness, thus helping promote healthy nail growth.

IBX can be taken as a stand-alone treatment on natural nails, or worn under nail polish, Shellac or Gel. The benefits of having regular IBX treatments are to help:

Here what Cosmopolitan say http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/beauty-hair/a25082/how-to-repair-damaged-nails/


IBX Treatment Prices:

First Visit:  Regeneration Manicure Treatment   £15.00

Subsequent “Regeneration” visits  £10.00 per treatment

Course of 4 (1 each week), following 1st visit:  £35.00 payable at time of booking

IBX Treatment Incorporated into a Shellac or Gel nails treatment:

First Treatment: £7.00   Subsequent treatments: £5.00

*Shellac & Gel Prices start from £20.00*