Ultrasonic Lipo

Ultrasonic LipoUltrasonic Lipo

Inch Loss Without The Surgery ..

The Painless, Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction!!

Body Sculpting At The TSL

Ultrasonic Lipo – Non Invasive, No injections, No incisions, No surgery, No bruises, No aanesthesia No pain

Lipo Inch LossThe technique uses low frequency ultrasound, these ultrasound waves are conducted through the skin, penetrating directly into the *adipose tissue. This causes the fat cells to break up into small pieces causing micro-bubbles which turn the fat into a liquid substance “cavitation”. The liquid is then easily expelled out from the body naturally via the lymphatic and urinary system.

*The adipose tissue is specialised in storing energy as fat. It is primarily composed by the lipocytes also known as fat cells*

Reduces centimeters of fat, Improves cellulite and skin appearance!

Inch Loss without The surgerryThis treatment works on the following areas:

Stomach     Waist      Legs

Buttocks     Arms       Thighs


It is important to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment, and mild exercise or a brisk walk daily for at least 3 days after the treatment is recommended, as elimination of the fat continues through the lymphatic System for up to 72hrs.

Ultrasonic Lipo – Inch Loss treatment is a very effective procedure consisting of 60 minutes treatment depending on the area being treated


1 – Is it possible to lose weight with ultrasonic Lipo?

Ultrasonic Lipo is not a method to lose weight but to shape the body. It is particularly indicated to reduce adipose panniculopathy, the so-called “fat cushions” in case these don’t go away with diets and exercise.

2 – How effective is the treatment and when will I see results?

*Immediately! That’s the great thing about ultrasound lipo; it produces immediate results of losses up to 6 cm after only one session of around 60 minutes. *This result obviously depends on the individual, how much you have to lose and your body mass/size.

Ultrasonic Lipo Treatment 60 minutes approx…………£40.00

Discount offered for courses of 4 or more..

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